“Interactivity is one of the most sought after tools for learning, marketing and communications. We strive to deliver innovative solutions that meet our clients' needs.”
- Alexis MacMillan

World Vision International (WVI) The Personal Security and Security Management courses are deployed worldwide and feature many scenarios, real-life examples, and interactions. Produced in English, French, and Spanish. Select the graphics to see larger versions.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Stay Safe and Stay Safe Managers are two globally deployed security programs. These programs received the mediaFRESH Best eLearning Award in 2010. Select the graphics to see larger versions.

City of Edmonton Virtual Edmonton is a 3D immersive environment built in Second Life for business applications including meetings, conferences, tourism, and exploration of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Select the graphics to see larger versions.

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services, City of Edmonton Wildland/Urban Interface Case Study and High Rise Firefighting Case Study are interactive multimedia programs that use actual Edmonton locations as potential fire settings for firefighter decision making and learning. Select the graphics to see larger versions.

Alberta Transportation Pre-Employment and Safety Topics eLearning for School Bus Operators, as well as S-Endorsement Multimedia Classroom Learning Objects. These programs support the Alberta School Bus Safety Report Ensuring the Safety of Our Children Recommendations. Select the graphics to see larger versions.

Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan General Emergency Medicine Skills (GEMS) is an on-line, multimedia emergency skills training experience. Modules include: Preparation for Transport, C-Spine X-Ray and CT Head, Central Venous Access & Intraosseous Infusion, Shock, Advanced Airway Management and Rapid Sequence Intubation, and Emergency Thoracostomy. Select the graphics to see larger versions.

Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development and the Solicitor General and Public Security How to Keep Friends and Influence Meetings is an online course to assist in the effective and efficient functioning of business meetings through the use of Parliamentary Procedure for the commissions or committees across the province of Alberta. Select the graphics to see larger versions.

UNESCO Bangkok E-Learning Series on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education uses a visual metaphor of hot-air balloons to communicate the idea that ICT can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of education and allow pupils to reach new heights. Select the graphics to see larger versions.

WHO, UNHCR, UNFPA Clinical Management of Rape Survivors (CMoR) is an in-depth course designed to help learners respond to sexual and gender-based violence, as well as support community-based efforts to prevent such violence. Select the graphics to see larger versions.

Glacier Gallery, Columbia Icefield Interpretive Centre. Wildlife soundscapes, videodisc displays, and a fully interactive touch screen display on the three watersheds. Select the graphics to see larger versions.

Leadership in Health and Safety helps forest industry workers take a personal leadership role when they develop, set up, and improve health and safety within their areas of authority and responsibility. Produced in partnership with Alberta Forest Products Association, Alberta Workforce Essential Skills Committee, Northern Lakes College, Norquest College, Office of Learning Technologies (HRDC), Government of Alberta, Christie Communications. Select the graphics to see larger versions.

Hinton Training Centre, Government of Alberta FWI System is eLearning for a critical fire behavior prediction model. Wildland Fire, Safety on the Fireline was developed and reviewed by a national team of specialists in wildland fire behavior and wildland fire safety with the intent of reducing and/or eliminating injuries and fatalities associated with the suppression of wildland fires. Select the graphics to see larger versions.

Basic Security in the Field (BSITF) and Advanced Security in the Field (ASITF) The continuing rise of conflict situations, together with conditions of general insecurity and criminal activities, continues to place staff of international organizations at greater and greater risk. BSITF and ASITF help UN staff understand security concepts and techniques that help ensure their safety, health, and welfare in the field. Produced in six languages. Select the graphics to see larger versions.